Friday, August 6


Saturday, June 26

There's always time for summer.

Summer summer summer. Summer is everlasting never ending infinitylyly in Malaysia, and yet I never appreciate it as much as I do when I'm here in the States. I'm a boy under the sun. I wanna go out. I don't wanna stay home. Big fan of slippers. Big fan of summer. SUMMER I WANT MOOUREEE!!

So ya anyway, summer is a time where most of my friends will go back home and have a 3 months chillaxing time. Not many will be left here. And that number of "not many" are getting lesser and lesser. Close friends of mine that are around this summer - just a handful. Many has left the country for good but..

srsly, am I the odd one here that cherishes the hot sunshine?

So ya anyway I picked up cycling, which I enjoyed a lot. At first it was for the joy of sightseeing and the sun. But when the cycling motion continued long enough, mentally it felt very much like swimming - very focus. Focus was all on the quadriceps, the uphill, and breathing cycle, not so much on sightseeing anymore.

So ya anyway some pictures taken early June:

Boating! For X reason the water looks blue here, it was actually very greeeeeen.


Grill out at 005.

Meaty i likeys.

Ada Hayden park is about 10 miles from where I live. It was my 1st 15 miles of cycling.

2 weeks after that we cycled to Saylorville Dam. Entire trip was 90 miles!

my fav tank top gives me ugly tan.. aaah..

I like blogspot's new 'design' feature.

Hope you like what I "design"ed !

Tuesday, May 25


What's my equation for success in 2020?

What's my equation for happiness in 2020?

What's my equation for rich in 2020?

What's my equation for success, happiness, and rich now?

Success, measured by impact I've made.

Happiness - Eat well, sleep well, and healthy are good enough for me.

Rich can be defined as what's around me that I can't trade with money, but what components makes up to it?

I need to identify all these components.. and hopefully within the next 10 years, I live a life I look forward to. By 2020, I'm 34 - just in time to up gear and hop onto the highway. I will be.. ready.

Tuesday, May 18

Mobile Uploads

Data plan didn't subscribe to my phone so my fb don't have mobile uploads... hence creating one here! hoohoohoooo.. exclusive for No Shit's fans labudden.

This is Bui Bui (fat fat). Bui Bui is now my fav toy and she's enjoying the sun!

Those lunch to survive.

My new netbook and Big John add sprouts add cheese.

Viet noodle soup when I don't feel like taking risk for lunch.

"Camwhore again with my phone!"

Very ugly sad LV bag spotted in JJ.

When JJ gourmet sandwich goes for $1 each. I'm 1 of them!

Chloe's cute ear.

AAaaahhh.. pork chop on fried rice to go please..

Made a fruit cake for Rach on V day...

New E-class spotted in Ames!

Those bad days in winter.

Unlucky car or bad weather?


Double gg.

This will make me dam happy.

Des Moines best lunch all time hard to stay awake at work 20 years ahead of Hammer - beef hor fun yea.

Amazing? Nah, wasn't even good.

STAA performing. Chloe act cute trying hard.

Sunrise of 2010.

Bui Bui!

Hahaha my bro's gf.

Sunday, April 25

Another Malaysian graduation yesterday. This is probably my 4th or 5th time attending grad nights, from saying hi to seniors, to saying goodbye to seniors, then my turn to graduate, then say hi to those 1992 dudes, and then maybe I'll still be around when those 1992s graduate.

But this time different la, Rachel is graduating! very very happy!

For that, I have to show my yengness la of course rite.

Yeng anot. The theme was hollywood night so I dressed up as my favorite actor Tony Leung since he look a bit like me.

I was repeatedly mistaken to be mimicking "Go Cun" from God of Gamblers, or Chow Yuen Fatt. Perhaps the bow tie might have confused some of my fans.

Tuesday, March 30

'em quotes

"When you insult the messenger and not the message, you have lost the debate."
by Anonymous, posted in Heng Li's facebook profile.

"Some is better than none. More is better than some. Too much is difficult to get."
Stephen Ball, associate professor about how much to exercise, by

"Yah... they are having way too much fun.. I may have to crack the whip harder on 'em boyz.. "
Lion Dance Sifu Mr. Leow Choy about Nelson and Oliver.

Saturday, March 27


So the problem I'm facing now is that I'm constantly looking for toys and gadgets to buy. Why/How did I became liddis! Since young until like last year, I don't even dare to crave for things I need. And why am I so focused on just gadgets. I've lost interest in fashion and slippers. Am I slowly turning to a geek then? Or I uncle d? reli meh...

Anyway I realize even though my budget allows me to spend some money for things-I-want, I don't think it's sufficient to justify my buying. I need(want) to upgrade, not stock up. I need better, not more. I need: An investment plan. A yau-mou-lam-lu strategy. A cost-driven goal.

Plan: New laptop, theater system, car, dining table, slippers.
Strategy: Add new stuff to cart only when current ones are sold.
1. Sell current for 30% or more from the used value.
2. Subtract from earnings, spend 50% or less from new price tag.
3. Do not skip steps. Do not get distracted and purchase other stuff.

*Delete items from cart*
*Exit Windows*

goooood niiiiiiiight.

Sunday, March 14

5 things about me in the last 10 weeks.

1. Work is... fun?

Fun is the 1 thing I don't define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. So how can work still be fun? Oliver I need to talk to you about dis.

2. Body building needs consistent dedication.

Which I don't have. My gym buddy used to call me everyday after work, and every time I'll come up with excuses to ffk him hahaha.. now I don't get those calls anymore lor.. going to gym used to be a routine, but this week I only went gym... er once.

3. Snowboarding is no easy, yes addictive, definitely yes for fun.

Honestly the reason I'm into this sport is because HOPEfully I can feel good in winter. I tell you winter here is so long and coooold it's hard to make one smile while walking out. Driving sucks, dry skin, no sun and all. I never enjoyed winter. Guess what this winter I did!

4. Rachel my baby baby.

My baby baby is a wai sek mau! and I love her.. <3!

5. Obviously not blogging.

I'm just lazy. I just changed the entry's title to 5 things, it was 10.. and I'm going to cook supper now woohoo!

6. Ok my hair. The end. Bye bye la!

Saturday, February 13

Happy CNY!

Just when I almost wanted to get myself new clothes for CNY..

My boss gave some to me!


















Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Wednesday, February 10

Some thoughts while driving in the snow today

Some say

  • In Finland, you need to pass a drifting test to get a car licence. In the midwest, you need to pass a drifting test to get to work.
  • When the temperature is cold enough, Iron Man flys through Iowa to run testings on his suit's de-icing feature.
  • If you haven't seen Iron Man in Iowa before, you weren't unlucky, but Iron Man felt cold la. He's at home watching American Idol.
  • I need to improvise my job description by adding "Requires very responsive and quick coordination while driving during winter. Preference: 85% or higher in Guitar Hero Expert Level."
  • The roads....... cuak la.
  • Snow storm in Iowa is similiar to waiting for Chloe for 2 hours. It's 5% of wtf, 95% of aiyah sien la always liddat 1.
  • OC is considering a new Toyota highlander, so during winter when the lakes are frozen, we can still lan yeng on the boat while its being towed by his 4WD.
Yah, snow..... haih.